It’s okay not feel okay

2017 was brilliant on so many fronts. I got a new job, and I loved what I got to do. I spent time with my loved ones. Visited paris for the first time in my life. I built my community around conscious living and another around embracing failure. This has also meant that I was constantly doing something. 

For the past 3 weeks, things have come to a halt. I decided not to take on any projects while I was waiting to transition to my new role in the company.

Suddenly, I find myself a little lost and not feeling okay. It got me down for a few days. I am used to the life where I am on the move and getting shit done. Slowly down the pace of my life has unsettled me for some reason.

I find myself beating myself up for this in my head.

” Why are being so lazy? Why can’t you seem to do your reading?” 

Something changed today though. I remembered a quote from a book I had read last year. It said that your actions are not defined by your emotions. Emotions are like the dark clouds that will eventually pass by. Also, it mentioned that asking yourself questions like “why am I so miserable?” etc can actually cause to spiral deeper into negativity.

I identified that I wasn’t okay. I accepted today that it is okay not to okay! We won’t always be happy or excited or energetic.

That is why I decided to post my first blog today. I had been procrastinating this for 2 weeks now. Pushing it down on my to-do list had been weighing on my mind. And while this post will never be my best post, at least it is done now. This simple of act of completing a task has made me feel a tad better.

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