1 simple way to live a gratitude filled, content life

Simple routine at night to help you live a more grateful life

Why am I so ungrateful?

A friend sent me this message earlier today and at first I wasn’t sure how to reply to it. I spent the day thinking about why I loved my life and what I tried to do to remind myself to be grateful for everything that I had – the good, the bad, and the ugly- and this is what I sent to her on our whatsapp chat.

“Honey, that’s something I am not in a position to answer. Perhaps, what I can offer instead is how to cultivate a gratitude-filled life.

It can be easy to look at things and constantly seek something better or pick at things and say, that’s not how its supposed to be. But doing this, solves nothing.

When I go to bed every night, I think of 3 things that I’m grateful for that day. It can vary from me thanking my legs for carrying me through my run to being grateful for being able to have a good laugh with my sister. No matter how tired I feel, I never miss doing this.

During the day when things seem to go bat shit crazy, I go to a quiet spot and think of one thing in that moment I am happy about. Is it that I have an insane problem to solve and I love solving challenges? Is it that I have good teammates with whom I have great rapport so the problem can get solved?

All thoughts in our head are simply muscles of habits. They can be rewired. But doing so,at first, would be hard because changing any behavior is hard.

Try finding joy in small things. Like the colour of the clouds. The way the breeze hits your hair. Feel the air in your lungs and revel in the fact that you are alive. Because to be alive itself is a miracle in itself.

I know, this sounds cliche. But this worked for me. It’s really about trying to see the bigger picture than yourself, and connecting to the universe.

For me, I marvel at the fact that I am alive at this point in time. That I am able to cross paths with so many people with whom I share love with. I am constantly in love with the world. And I cannot wait for the next moment, be it good or bad. I am alive and I want to live. So I am happy about it. I don’t care about positions. Or where I am. I care about the connections I forge, and the feelings I get.”

I have been practicing the simple technique of recalling 3 things I am grateful for each night before I drift off to sleep, and this has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Every night I end my night on a positive note! Even on the gloomiest of days, I make it a point to look out for 3 things that I am grateful for, and it gives me something to remember the day by. The next day always begins on a positive note. No matter how tired the body, the soul sings.

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